Small things and feelings – that’s the beauty of everyday life

Our ordinary days are filled with routines but yet with unique experiences. Even though we sometimes wish to escape from the greyness and repetition, we still enjoy daily routines the most. Koi Design underlines the beauty of our ordinary life.

When the spark for hand-making sparked, it couldn’t be repressed anymore. As the hand grabs the finest saw, it creates a unique shape with sensitivity and character – courage, joy, stubbornness. Eternal silver bends into a unique piece of jewelry, giving its material a meaning. Koi Design creates everlasting and timeless design inspired by the repetition and diversity of everyday life.

In contrast to cool silver, Koi Design's range of materials includes also warm wood and wool. VÄRIÄ by Koi Design items are made of wooden beads and soft felt that brings colorful glimpses into the beautiful grayness of ordinary life.

The jewellery artisan Tiina Hälikkä is as versatile as her creations. She wants her designs to embody the individuality and repetition of everyday life with a sharp finishing touch. The insightful organic design works as a mirror for their wearer's and continue telling stories of their life. All Koi Design jewellery is designed and manufactured in small series in Central Finland and handcrafted from high quality materials with great joy and love. Find your own unique moments in stories hidden in Koi Design jewellery.

Deliveries only in Finland.